Harsco IKG uses GratingBIM, a proprietary modeling application, to model grating in 3D. GratingBIM's tools assist in the detection of clashes and aid in identifying grating support issues during early stages of the design.

BIM Modeling
Level of Detail GratingBIM’s true to scale model represents actual grating pieces (bearing bars and cross rods) including banding, toe plate and nosing accessories, etc.
Banding Banding
Toe Plate Toe Plate
Nosing Nosing
Penetrations Penetrations
Stair Treads Stair Treads
Grating Fasteners Grating Fasteners
Clash Finder In conjunction with the structural steel model, the clash finder tool streamlines modeler’s process to identify and correct grating clash automatically prior to fabrication. The slides shown here represent a number of issues that were identified during the modeling process.