Harsco Industrial IKG engineers develop virtual 3D models to identify interference problems and reduce errors before fabrication. These models can be shared digitally to enhance understanding and interactions between building systems for a more informed project plan. Construction time delays and rework is reduced with identifying issues at earlier stages of the building design and construction process.

BIM Applications
BIM Modeling GratingBIM Modeling

Harsco IKG uses GratingBIM, a proprietary modeling application, to model grating in 3D. GratingBIM's tools assist in the detection of clashes and aid in identifying support issues during early stages of the design and fabrication phases.

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BIM Interoperability GratingBIM Interoperability

Interoperability means to exchange information and make use of digital models to collaborate with various project stakeholders. GratingBIM’s model data is compatible with various engineering and BIM applications used in the Industry today.

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BIM Advantages GratingBIM Advantages

GratingBIM’s advantage lies in bringing the grating layout information to a 3D model environment. Streamlined collaboration utilizing 3D models results in a transparent and confident design.

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